Machine Deprivation

As it goes with most things mechanical, they tend to develop issues. I haven't decided if I just have awful luck, if I've been sewing way more than a normal person would, or if I'm that brutal to my machine. Whatever it is, it is currently not happy. Which makes me not happy. Especially because I'm... Continue Reading →


Sewing the “Retro Bag”

I often take the dogs with me when I walk to the mailbox. Controlling 2 little dogs and a pile of mail is precarious to say the least, and nevermind if I have to pick up after them on top of all that. What I need is a bag in which to lazily stuff the... Continue Reading →

A Boxy Bag for Ski Stuff

Finished my latest project last night. I followed this tut, recommended courtesy of Creative Saturdays. Previous entry, I said the next thing was a scarf for the hubby. That was a quick right-before-bed thing, which I laid out over his coat for the next morning, not sure if he would dig it or not. When I... Continue Reading →

The Reverse Engineered Mini Skirt

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for this one. No pattern, no project. Just a skirt I bought eons ago that I've loved and recently realized didn't look too complicated to construct. So  I reverse engineered it, bought some clearance fabric at Hobby Lobby (just over 2 yards for like $10) and ta-da. New skirt.... Continue Reading →

Ruffly Knit Scarf

It called for voile or double gauze or some "minimal fray" fabric. Well, maybe I'm just an idiot still, but I'm finding the readily available fabric stores to be sorely lacking in labeling their fabrics. "100% cotton" doesn't tell me much. Which reminds me... A few entries back I was complaining about the lack of... Continue Reading →

Making My First Scarf

I had anticipated all kinds of issues before I even started, just so I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into any. But shockingly, I didn't. This little project -- my final one from my Sew Me! book -- went off without a hitch. That fabric was from the remnant bin at Joann's. I thought... Continue Reading →

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